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With so many insurance companies and agencies out there, why should you choose the Griffioen Agency?  We think it's a fair question, and here's our answer:


We aren't going to claim to be the very fastest agency around.  With all the insurance companies that we have available to quote, it may take us a little longer to get the proposal that's
best for you.  Don't get us wrong - we don't dilly-dally either!  But we're not going to rush out a quote and throw it at you. 

We think you'd prefer a job well-done over a hastily prepared quote.

And because we have so many different insurance companies that can insure your home, auto, business, or health,
you can get your quotes and service done in one place, with just one phone call.


No-one wants to pay more for anything (including insurance) than they have to. We have access to over 100 insurance companies, each which has discount programs with competitive pricing for all ages, stages , and situations of life.

Our goal is to have enough options that if you want to insure with us, price won’t have to be an issue—because we’ll be able to offer a plan that’s the right combination of coverage and price for you.


We enjoy working with each other in our office, and we believe you’ll actually enjoy working with us too!

· We can ask you the right questions, so you’ll be comfortable you have the coverage that you need.

· We do everything we can to be easy for you to do business with. (Insurance Simplified, remember?)

· And we try to give back to the community. All in all, you’ll actually feel good about the protection and service you get at the Griffioen Agency.

Timely Service + Competitive Rates + Friendly, Local People = Insurance Simplified

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