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Auto and Homeowners Insurance Information

Why package my Home and Auto Insurance?
Insurance is intended to protect you financially.  Adequate coverage with a Homeowners and Auto Insurance policy provides you with the protection you need for both your finances and your property.


Insurance companies don't all use the same language in their policy contracts.  Small differences in policy language can have major implications in the event of a loss/claim.  In order to be sure that your insurance policy is as comprehensive as possible, it is usually best to have both your home and your auto insurance policy with the same preferred insurance company.  We'll help you find a home and auto insurance policy that are designed to fit together to provide the protection you need. 


Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts when you have multiple policies with them.  By packaging your home and auto insurance you could receive as much as a 15-20% discount on both.  We'll find the company that has the best price for the coverage you need.


By insuring consolidating your insurance with the Griffioen Agency, you will have one point of service for all your insurance questions.  You'll have someone you can talk to, someone who will answer your questions and give you the help you need. 

Give us a call today!  See what we can do to help save you money and simplify your insurance.

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